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These Are My Hours doula/educator dual certification course includes:

  • 60 videos of Emily and/or Carey

  • 6 guest videos from experts (and more coming!)

  • 24 sample practice forms & documents 

  • 60 infographics for use in classes and/or social media

  • 30 presentations for use in classes

  • 60 links to websites, articles, and podcasts that will complement your education

  • Comprehensive, updated book resource list (including 60 books written since 2017)

  • Digital Download of These Are My Hours

  • Small Business screening license for These Are My Hours

Certification Requirements:

  • Watch all videos

  • Passing score on 6 quizzes on practical birth information

  • Read 11 books, one from each of the following categories:

    • Pregnancy ​

    • Birth

    • Postpartum

    • Nursing

    • Loss

    • Birth Philosophies & Systems

    • Special Topics in Reproduction

    • Parenting

    • Trauma

    • Self-Awareness

    • Intercultural Safety/Competency

  • Complete optional projects from the following categories:

    • Pregnancy & Preparing for Birth

    • Labor & Birth

    • Spiritual Birth

    • Attending Births

    • Placenta & Cord

    • Postpartum

    • Nursing Relationship

    • Self-Awareness

    • Trauma-Informed Care

    • Becoming a Changemaker

    • Creating Curriculum

preview the course


What is the cost?

$750, plus books if you choose to buy them. There are no certification or recertification fees. {During the health crisis and social justice movement of 2020, we have discounted the course to $500}

Do you offer scholarships?

We don't. However, we are happy to work with people with financial barriers. If you have a need, reach out!

We also offer a payment plan. 

What platform do you use?


Is it completely online?
Sure is!

Is the course self-paced?


How is our work assessed?

Book review and project completion are verified by feedback forms sent to us via email. Your Podia account shows when you have viewed videos.

How long do I have to finish the course?

You will have access to the course for 1 year. Any person who desires an extension must request one in writing. 

What is the recertification process?

Certification is lifelong. We do not require any additional fees or CEUs to recertify. We strongly encourage our students to strive to continue personal and professional growth throughout their lives but do not find it serves our students or us (all intelligent adults) to require specific CEU hours to be verified by us. 

What qualifies Emily and Carey to certify doulas and educators?

We have been birthworkers for over a decade each; Emily since 2009 and Carey since 2008. We have supported thousands of families through their pregnancies, losses, births, postpartums as doulas, educators, lactation support, apprentices, assistants, and midwives. We've each taken college and midwifery courses online, so we understand the benefits and drawbacks of such education. 

What does my screening license allow?

A small business screening license for These Are My Hours gives you a digital download of the film (or a DVD, if you prefer) and the permission to host film nights, use the film in classes for parents or other community members, or watch the film with clients or friends. You may charge for screenings or hold them for free. 

Can I get feedback from Emily and Carey about my projects?

Absolutely! We are always available to support you. Simply email us and let us know what you need.

About These Are My Hours Education:

After traveling all over North America showing the film to widely varied audiences, we came to a conclusion: childbirth education options are sorely lacking in most places, from large cities to tiny rural towns. The conversations inspired by the film confirmed our beliefs that families are seeking spaces that acknowledge and honor the transformation and sacredness birth holds. People want to share stories, make informed decisions, and be witnessed as they cross the threshold during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. Taking on the production and marketing responsibilities of a film (brand new work for us!) inspired us to think outside the box and create our own distributorship for the film, to provide birthworkers with the education to become leaders in their communities and a beautiful tool to embody what we hold as the indisputable truth about birth: it will transform you.

And with that, These Are My Hours Education was born.

Our first offering, the Trauma-Informed Doula/Birth & Postpartum Educator dual certification, is a comprehensive education created by Emily Graham (the mother in These Are My Hours) and Carey Glenn (the midwife in the film). Graduates of the program will be certified trauma-informed doulas and certified birth and postpartum educators and will be prepared to attend births and educate families. 

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Join us! We are passionate and serious, silly and irreverent, wise and full of hope, friendly and compassionate... and we want to fill the world with birthworkers who are all of these things and more. 

Love, Carey and Emily