for parents 

{$250 - NOW ONLY $99}

This online birth preparation class was designed by midwives Carey Glenn and Emily Graham for families who are planning an empowered and autonomous birth in any setting. The course is self-paced and includes:

  • 8 hours of videos; a comprehensive childbirth and postpartum preparation course

  • A link to download These Are My Hours, a documentary film featuring Emily and Carey

  • Handouts and worksheets to fill out as you go through the course, to leave you feeling prepared, informed, inspired and nourished

  • A comprehensive list of resources we adore

Topics we cover:

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy & Birth

    • Female and Fetal Anatomy

    • Basic Alignment and Chiropractic Principles

  • Self-Care in Pregnancy and Planning for Birth

    • Redefining Primary Care

    • Creating Birth Plans & Intentions

    • Things to Do While Waiting for Labor to Begin

  • Informed Choice in Pregnancy & Birth

    • Principles of Informed Choice and Consent

    • Information about Common Points of Informed Choice

  • The Spiritual Side of Birth

    • Brainwave Patterns & Altered States of Consciousness

    • Birth as a Rite of Passage

    • Birth as a Mystical Experience

  • Labor & Birth

    • Stages of Labor - medical and holistic

    • The Hormonal Birth Blueprint

    • Assessing Labor Progress

    • Things to Do in Early Labor

    • Adrenaline in Labor

  • The Newborn Transition

    • The Shift from Internal to External Life

  • The Birth of the Placenta

    • Anatomy and Physiology of Placental Birth

    • The Placenta and Cord

  • The Fourth Trimester

    • Caring for Mamababy in the first few days/weeks

    • The Breastfeeding Relationship

    • Postpartum Vaginal Steaming


What is the cost?

$250, plus books if you choose to buy them. {During the health crisis and social justice movement of 2020, we have discounted the course to $99}

Do you offer scholarships?

We don't. However, we are happy to work with people with financial barriers. If you have a need, reach out!

We also offer a payment plan. 

What platform do you use?


Is it completely online?
Sure is!

Is the course self-paced?


How long do I have to finish the course?

You will have access to the course for 1 year. Any person who desires an extension can request one. 

What qualifies Emily and Carey to teach childbirth education?

We have been birthworkers for over a decade each; Emily since 2009 and Carey since 2008. We have supported thousands of families through their pregnancies, losses, births, postpartums as doulas, educators, lactation support, apprentices, assistants, and midwives. We've each taken college and midwifery courses online, so we understand the benefits and drawbacks of such education. We have given birth to 6 children between us. 

How can I watch the film?

Purchase of the course includes These Are My Hours gives you a digital download of the film. If you prefer a DVD, please send us an email. 

Can I get feedback from Emily and Carey about the course?

Absolutely! We are always available to support you. Simply email us and let us know what you need.


We believe that all birth is holy and that postpartum is a magical time of healing and power. We see families flourish when they are reminded that they hold the wisdom required to raise the next generation within themselves. We see ourselves as fortunate to be present to offer this reminder. 

Love, Emily and Carey