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@ 2019 These Are My Hours

These Are My Hours


The first film to be told from the perspective of a woman giving birth

Without commentary as a distraction, These Are My Hours offers the audience an opportunity to immerse themselves in a moment that we've all experienced (since we were all born!), but few get to witness. 


Featuring poetic voiceover from the birthing mother and real-time labor sounds, this is film’s first glimpse into the personal narrative of humanity’s universal journey.

Birth is power

and yet is missing from most conversations

about feminism or reproductive justice

These Are My Hours is a raw display of female intensity. The prevalent belief in modern society is that women cannot give birth on their own; that they are not mentally, psychologically, or physically strong enough. 


The time has come to deconstruct this story.



This is a beautiful film. I cried all the way through it. It put me right back into the process of giving birth myself, affirming my perspective and my experience. These Are My Hours is a film that speaks clearly, yet poetically, to a fundamental truth that is all but absent in our national discourse: The power of birth must be put back into the hands of the women who do it. That is where it belongs. 

Ani DiFranco, singer/songwriter, activist